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Raul Gabriel , Form.



Form interacts with different languages reference frames, but doesn’t coincide with any of them.

Indeed, form shows part of its essence in each of those appearences, we can call also existence stages. But it exists finally on another level. Form actually floats in the possible enunciations of its state, which are the temporary accidents makin ‘ it perceivable.

This brings as consequence that there exists a considerable amount of what i call indifference of form. Which means more crucial importance and concomitantly a less focus on each stage.

Form has in itsef an ontological contradiction : form is but not in a place.



Form has to be intended as anything relatin as the focus of a structured language. Sound has the same formal issues of a visual experience.

Writings are actual re-writing of anatomy through sign. Odd enough, completely something else from descriptive anatomy , the energy of gesture becomes very similar to “real” structures , meaning that maybe structure follows a common field with energy, defining similar paths.

Raul Gabriel

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