by Dafyyd Roberts

Dafyyd Roberts,   Welcome to his planet show London 2006, Broadbent gallery.

For the GM Traffic Lights videos, in the downstairs gallery, Raul Gabriel has taken a lengthy shot of lights near his studio to produce a series of abstract works shown on a plasma screen. Digital manipulation of the image brings out aspects of the visual experience that generally pass unperceived as the lights change, flaring and fading in their repetitive patterns. Underscored by the accompanying sound, the pulsing vitality of the image evokes not so much the stop-go of traffic as a world where the mechanism of control takes on the life and agency assumed to be ours. Brooding, lyrical and threatening by turns, the GM Traffic Lights are closer to painting than to most multi-media art. Alongside the videos can be seen the same artist’s GM Abstracts, paintings that share in the same sardonic but engaged reflection on the possibility of freedom.


Dafyyd Roberts


Dafyyd Roberts is a welsh born intellectual, living between Wales and London.
Translates art texts for the Pompidou, Paris and other well known institutions.